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Budget Infinity® PayCarda partnership with accredited Master Card voucher issuing companies.

Ever wondered who that company is that supplies useful data that provides Predictive Audiences to enable marketers/advertisers effectively and efficiently target and serve customers – and always appear to the ahead of everyone? Well that’s us.And we help marketers, advertisers and researchers like you push a lot more cash in your pocket by passing along the data we collect from consumers that use our pay card loyalty program.

You too can increase your ROI with our advanced Predictive Audiencedata. Here is why you need to take us serious: –

  • We protect, support and champion excellence in data-driven marketing and advertising.
  • We can supply you accurate data that will optimise your marketing channels and strategies.
  • We can assist you from launching a product to market expansion to testing your next marketing campaign.

OurPredictive Audiencedata gives you the absolute completive advantage.

  • No more guesswork,
  • No more assumptions
  • No more ineffective, irrelevant and untimely marketing campaigns

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Budget Infinity® pay card is a loyalty program card that can be used at major retail stores across South Africa. We are a Data-driven Marketing  and Predictive Audience platform. We protect, support and champion excellence in data-driven marketing and advertising in Africa.....Read More >>

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